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Lycoming Arts 2024

Williamsport Pennsylvania has a lot going on in the arts. There are several galleries downtown, one at Penn College, and many showings of artists in local businesses.

Lycoming Arts is the organization that does all things Williamsport First Friday and a lot more. You can learn about them here.

Each month, they feature an artist in their own downtown gallery, along with work from a local school district and a college artist.

My work is featured in June 2024. Download the Artivive app (free on Apple and Google stores) to experience augmented reality on some of these pieces. Here is a page that tells you how it works and has links to the free app.

Below are the current picks for the show. This curation is getting pretty close to final, after far more work than I realized these things take. I went through thousands of my photos from over the years, and had to learn about giclee printing, framing, and hanging.


Augmented reality (AR) has been around for a while in the art world, but I recently was asked to investigate it and do some demos for a local organization. Here are those experiments. To view the AR part, scan the QR code or download the Artivive app (free) here, then run the app and point…


Since 1999, I have done casual star gazing using telescopes: I never got into anything that could take astrophotographs until recently. I got a camera an ASI Air Pro controller from ZWO for the Pronto but after getting the eVscope, all that was too much work and effort. The eVscope sets up and is already…

My Photographs

I shoot lots of photographs everywhere I go. Like most people, most of the shots are not particularly artistic. This is a work in progress, a kind of a live lightbox to find the artistic. I am making successive passes at weeding out the bad stuff in hopes of distilling this into a quality curation.

I have been fortunate to be able to do some travelling, so the images are from a wide range of places.

My Artwork

Since my art school days, I have done a lot of graphic design and art direction. I have more time now to pursue my fine art interests. I am still drawn toward the immediate and generative nature of photography. I combine that with my love of serigraphy to create these collages. I print these on quality watercolor paper using inkjet technology, so that all evidence of the printing dots bleed together, producing a silkscreen-like final output.

My work tends to take images I find interesting and juxtapose them in non-representational ways and which draw on meanings or symbols from other, more historical roots, or to present images where the elements are representational but in visually dissonant ways.

I have also always been interested in found object art. One of my art teachers did a lot of sculpture using found objects. Some of my work uses “digital found objects” — 3d models of objects rummaged from industrial sites, and repurposed in Cinema 4D.

Art of James Rettinger

This is a small sample of the artwork created by James Rettinger, who taught for many years in the Art Department of Seneca Valley High School. He inspired many of his students to go on to become professional artists and many others to continue the study and appreciation of art of all types. He was…

Impressionism Central

Every major impressionist exhibit I’ve been to has been very popular. As I write this, I am looking at my living room walls where we have 4 impressionist paintings and 1 from Klimt. So not surprised why impressionism is so popular. The best place for this sort of art is in France at the d’Orsay.…


Palace of Versailles: Virtual Tour

The opulent palace of the French kings. A very nice virtual tour of both the grounds and the palace. Versailles Outside and Inside Palace of Versailles Virtual Tour – A Step into the Magnificent Past Welcome to our innovative Palace of Versailles Virtual Tour, your passport to one of the world’s most celebrated architectural masterpieces.…

Parking Garage Stickers

The Met Streetviews

The defining venue of museum mile. World class galleries and a nice website with some virtual galleries provided by google. The Met Streetviews The picture is from the parking garage, which makes it convenient to get to the Met – just take the 86th street transverse from the west side – through the park –…

Cherry Blossoms

The National Gallery, Washington DC

This is one of those museums that can be done as a day trip. Drive to the Shady Grove or Greenbelt Metro stations and zip into the city. Take the Green or Yellow trains to Archive. The galley has a great cafe and always some surprises. Here’s a link to their online collections.

Chrysler Building 1990

The Guggenheim

I think many people overlook the the Guggenheim, situated at the upper end of Museum Mile. But it should not be overlooked. The architectural wonder alone is worth the trip. To be just 3 hours from all the NYC museums is a blessing to us in Central Pennsylvania – most people who live in “the…


Art Zoom from Google

OK, this is fantastic. When I was at the Uffizi, I got close enough to The Birth of Venus to see how Sandro painted the whitecaps on the ocean. Amazing. This set of images put out in the cloud by Google let’s you be that close to these masterpieces. Use the tools to really really…

Baltimore Boticelli

My Baltimore Painting

This is a fantastic painting and it’s right here in the states in Baltimore. It is in the Baltimore Museum of Art’s European collection and I really think very few people realize it’s here. It is a wonderful Botticelli and there is never anyone in the room – I usually have it all to myself…

Atari ST Emulator Hatari STeemSSE

Atari ST Emulator

In 1984, the Macintosh introduced the world to a PC with a mouse, windows, and the concept of a graphical user interface (GUI), or “gooey”. I was a Carnegie Mellon University employee in 1984, and they had an agreement with Apple where you could purchase a Macintosh for a lot less than the public could.…


WARNING – Many of these images are just amazing and I have never ever seen such a trove of cultural imagery. But some of these images are also disturbing or explicit, so be warned. From the site: Them Thangs is an image blog run by Justin Blyth. Ritualistic Iconography Systems of symbols and pictures that…

Iai and Iaido: Explore the Art of Drawing the Sword with our IAI Videos Library

Welcome to our page dedicated to the study and practice of Iaido, a classical Japanese martial art that focuses on the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard. Iaido, or Iaijutsu, centers around Iai,…


Two things about my trip to Armenia back in the mid 2000s. 1. I was fascinated by everything there. I had less time by far to shoot photography on this trip than normal and yet I still shot more pictures than any trip I have ever been on. And now I wish I could go…


OK, so this is not a virtual museum, at least not exactly. But I did sneak a few of my interests into this site. You may have run into my page memorializing the famous Atari ST. Or my synopsis of my trip to the post-Soviet state of Armenia. Skip past these unless you feel like…