Andy Thomson Towing – CanAm RV

Andy Thomson Towing of CanAm RV Centre (in Ontario) is an expert in RV towing and a great asset to RVing. To understand just how good he is, you have to watch his videos.

He personally helped me understand towing properly with my Audi Q7 – via some emails. He is incredibly helpful. On the Air Forums, I got lots of opinions, some of which were helpful. Andy’s experience (he has set up 2000+ of my vehicle platform for towing Airstreams) plus his knowledge and recommendations made my towing experience far better than I ever expected.

He covers in detail why certain hitches are better than others, how to get your WD set perfectly on all four tow vehicle wheels, and how to adjust the WD setup after break-in, plus when you know it is out of adjustment (mainly during break-in) and how to fine adjust by as little as 1/3 chain link increments (rather than just full links of chain).

It is really amazing as you see how he sets up his Tesla Model 3 to easily and safely tow his 27′ Airstream. he as of this writing has towed it 5000KM plus. He even shows off its amazing stability in some video.

Update – October 2022 – we just got back from a trip from central PA to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We left in driving wind and rain, with our tow vehicle and hitch all set up as shown in the content above. We mostly drove on interstates, with big rigs buzzing by us. The Audi Q7 we use was really stable and comfortable towing, even in the wind and rain, and even when I was going a bit faster than we travel (faster than 65 mph). On the way back, we sort of accidentally took a road up through a mountain road in the Appalachians through some switchbacks – again in the rain and this time with wet leaves on the road, and the rig again was solid and stable. One note I always make to people about towing – we are always cognizant of the Airstream behind us, and drive with care. We never drive as if there is nothing being towed.

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