Augmented reality (AR) has been around for a while in the art world, but I recently was asked to investigate it and do some demos for a local organization. Here are those experiments.

To view the AR part, scan the QR code or download the Artivive app (free) here, then run the app and point it towards one of these images below. Some have audio. Interestingly, many famous artworks have AR attached to them. Start scanning!

The Landing by Ric Jones, Copyright 2024
The Landing – Ric Jones, 2024
I shot this video from a Dash 8, thank go they have all been retired, a real rattle trap of an airplane. I rode them many times from Williamsport, PA to Philadelphia. This sequence caught my eye when I saw the shadow of my own plan passing over so many different textures.

Sound is natural, recorded aircraft sounds.
Picture Frame – Ric Jones, 2024
This is really an experiment to show how one could show a whole exhibit of work as animated frames inside something like this picture frame. The gallery could have this actual physical frame on the wall, and each month a different set of animated images could be triggered by AR.
Cube Spin – Ric Jones, 2024
Modeled after an Italian wooden toy that allowed you to spin 3 segments to combine various things in different ways, ie legs of a cat with body of a whale with head of an ant.
Fish images here are IFOs (Internet Found Objects) – in this case fish illustrations from 1785–1797 by Marcus Elieser Bloch, modified and manipulated in Photoshop. The wood cubes and animation were created in Cinema4D and VideoProc Vlogger software.

Sound effect provided by
Restoration Tow – Ric Jones, 2023
I like to use photo collage to juxtapose everyday items in unusual ways. Since I discovered AR after I created this image, it left me with only a few options. But adding this kind of interactivity to galleries is intriguing. We’ll see where it goes.

Sound effects provided:
PropellerBot – Ric Jones, 2024
I designed this robot in the early 1990’s using a DOS version of 3D Studio. I animated it that time at the incredible resolution of 640×480 and 256 colors. In about 2015, I remodeled my “propbot” in Cinema 4D. I could now render fully raytraced frames at 1920 resolution in a few seconds. It completely changed how fast production of such images could happen. And the animation tools are now stupefyingly robust (and hard to learn).

Helicoptor sound provided by
Landscape with Crystal Food – Ric Jones, 2018
My reborn propbot visits a world of metal mountains and icy water where floating energy rubies float, ready to be tasty morsels. This AR features a true 3D model embedded in the piece, with animation.

Florence Fiats – Ric Jones, 2023
Both the shot of the Uffizi and the shot of the Fiats came from a trip to Florence. I again juxtaposed them in an unusual way. Fiats like these zoomed all over Florence and Tuscany.

The sound for this piece: “Passenger car braking on asphalt, tyres screeching // Henkilöauto, jarrutus asfaltilla, renkaat ulvovat by YleArkisto” — — License: Attribution 4.0

Roman Fish Bowl – Ric Jones, 2022
Near the Spanish Steps in Rome, I saw a lively fountain with carved fish. In my version, they have left the fountain for the sky.