Versailles Inside and Out

The opulent palace of the French kings. A very nice…

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Parking Garage Stickers

The Met Streetviews

The defining venue of museum mile. World class galleries and…

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Cherry Blossoms

The National Gallery, Washington DC

This is one of those museums that can be done…

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Chrysler Building 1990

The Guggenheim

I think many people overlook the the Guggenheim, situated at…

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Art Zoom from Google

OK, this is fantastic. When I was at the Uffizi,…

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The Hermitage in Russia

The Hermitage in Mother Russia

I have a good friend who has been to Russia…

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Baltimore Boticelli

My Baltimore Painting

This is a fantastic painting and it’s right here in…

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The Finest of Museums – the Uffizi

The Finest Museum in the World – the Uffizi in Florence…

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Vatican Museums

The Massive Vatican Museums in Rome

I’ve been very lucky to have gotten to walk the…

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The Virtual Sistine Chapel

A stunningly fine rendition of the Sistine Chapel in Rome…

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Bapistry Pabel Florence

vMuseum Portal Project

A handy list of curated sites that offer virtual art…

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Them Thangs is an image blog run by Justin Blyth.…

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iai videos

This page and the Muso Shinden Iai Videos (Movies) is…

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Two things about Armenia. 1. I was just fascinated by…

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In 1245, the Mongel word for “peace” and their word…

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about kidRiverStudio

kidRiverStudio began as a freelance company in the early 1990’s…

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