Lycoming Arts 2024

Williamsport Pennsylvania has a lot going on in the arts. There are several galleries downtown, one at Penn College, and many showings of artists in local businesses.

Lycoming Arts is the organization that does all things Williamsport First Friday and a lot more. You can learn about them here.

Each month, they feature an artist in their own downtown gallery, along with work from a local school district and a college artist.

My work is featured in June 2024. Download the Artivive app (free on Apple and Google stores) to experience augmented reality on some of these pieces. Here is a page that tells you how it works and has links to the free app.

Below are the current picks for the show. This curation is getting pretty close to final, after far more work than I realized these things take. I went through thousands of my photos from over the years, and had to learn about giclee printing, framing, and hanging.

My Photographs

I shoot lots of photographs everywhere I go. Like most people, most of the shots are not particularly artistic. This is a work in progress, a kind of a live lightbox to find the artistic. I am making successive passes at weeding out the bad stuff in hopes of distilling this into a quality curation.

I have been fortunate to be able to do some travelling, so the images are from a wide range of places.

My Artwork

Since my art school days, I have done a lot of graphic design and art direction. I have more time now to pursue my fine art interests. I am still drawn toward the immediate and generative nature of photography. I combine that with my love of serigraphy to create these collages. I print these on quality watercolor paper using inkjet technology, so that all evidence of the printing dots bleed together, producing a silkscreen-like final output.

My work tends to take images I find interesting and juxtapose them in non-representational ways and which draw on meanings or symbols from other, more historical roots, or to present images where the elements are representational but in visually dissonant ways.

I have also always been interested in found object art. One of my art teachers did a lot of sculpture using found objects. Some of my work uses “digital found objects” — 3d models of objects rummaged from industrial sites, and repurposed in Cinema 4D.