Economics Progress

GDP going to Labor (workers) as opposed to going to capital:

1970: 68.8%
2013: 60.7%

Number of Manufacturing Jobs in US:

1979: 19,300,000
2015: 12,300,000

Population of US:

1979: 225,000,000
2015: 321,000,000


Before 2000 – Americans were getting richer:

  • lower and middle classes were shrinking
  • percentage of families making $100k+ was growing (inflation adjusted)

After 2000 Americans were getting poorer:

  • middle class shrinking
  • families making $100k+ shrinking (inflation adjusted)
  • families making $30k- growing (inflation adjusted)

Read more about how this has affected the current election and our (lack of) trust in the government.


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